Things to Know about Insurance before Sending Your Child off to College

Posted by Deb May on Aug 14, 2017 11:58:01 AM

Moving to college.jpgIf you have a child entering college in the next few weeks, you are probably feeling a bit stressed. Does she have everything she's going to need for the dorm room - bedding, curtains, towels, mini-fridge, laptop and more? Will she like her roommate? Does she have enough clothes? Money? How much will the books cost? You've thought of everything. But have you thought of insurance?

What has insurance got to do with sending your child off to college? Well, a lot of things can change when a student goes away to college, such as her address. If she's far away and does not have regular access to a car, you may be eligible for an "away at school" discount on your auto insurance. But if she takes a car to school you must notify the agent or company of the new address where the car will primarily be "garaged". If it's going from a city to a rural area, the rates will most likely go down. The opposite is true if going from a rural area to a city. Don't forget about the good student discount. A student must be on the honor roll, in the top 20% of their class, or maintain a B- or better average to qualify. High school grades are used for college freshman.

How about all the "stuff" she's bringing with her? If she's living in a dorm, your homeowner's insurance will cover most of her things if something gets stolen or destroyed. However, as with your belongings, there are limits for certain items like computers, cash, and jewelry. You may want to look into scheduling any high value items to make sure they are covered. If she moves into off campus housing your insurance will not cover her items. She will need her own renter's insurancepolicy which will provide coverage for her personal items and liability coverage if she gets sued for something she posted on social media or if someone gets hurt while visiting the apartment.

I've been told that most colleges include their student health plan with the other tuition related fees. Make sure you watch for that as she may not need it. If she's going to school in-state, she will probably still be covered under your health insurance. Howeber, if she goes out of state, your insurance may only cover for emergencies. Check with your insurance provider to see if doctors and hospitals where you child is going to college are part of your health plan's network.

Now that you've considered insurance for your college student, what about you? Is your income necessary to pay the tuition bills? A term life insurance policy may be a smart purchase.  Life insurance quote!

Good luck with the transition and be proud of all that you and your child have accomplished.

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