Don't let another Juno ruin your Winter - Prepare your home for a winter storm

Posted by Gaiyan Wu on Jan 19, 2016 4:08:03 PM

o-WINTER-STORM-NEMO-facebook.jpgAs the days get colder and snow falls get heavier, make sure you stay prepared during the winter storm. It is important to have an emergency kit prepared and stay inside and off the roads during a storm. That way plow workers can do their job efficiently and quickly as possible.

Remember last years snow fall? Juno struck and added a heaping 36 inches of fluff. Massachusetts set an all record high in snowfall. This left many houses and buildings damaged from snow accumulating on rooftops and trees falling on homes, cars and other property. Electricity was also out for many places in the area. It is proven that New England weather is unpredictable. We must always be prepared for anything to happen.

Contact your homeowner's insurance agency and see what types of damages will be covered and what deductibles apply. Last year alone there was an 63% increase in home insurance claims due to the destruction the snow left on property.

Here are tips to help better prepare your home for a winter storm:

  • Make sure to get your roof inspected for damages and check to see if tiles need repair and have the roof sealed so you can lower the risk of having a flood from the roof. It is important to know how strong the roof is and how much snow it can hold before giving out.
  • Cut tree branches or remove any trees that can harm your property, paying a professional a couple hundred bucks now can save thousands later if that tree were to fall on the property and damage it.
  • Cleaning the gutters of your home is important because it can lead to further damage on the interior of your home. Such as the basement, and walls of the home is damaged.
  • Having an insulation on walls and pipes can help protect your home and damages
  • A key thing to do while braving a storm is to have the faucet drip a little so it can prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • Clear all possible debris on your property outdoors. Such as taking plants, furniture indoors, removing recycling and trashcans indoors to prevent high winds from blowing them around.
  • Prepare to salt and ice property as well.

Preparation tips to take before the storm arrives:

  • Have plenty of food and water for everyone including pets if you own any, there may be cases where electricity goes out so make sure food is still edible and acessible. Dry foods and canned goods are recommended.
  • Flashlights are essential in case electricity does go out. Candles are good to have but not recommended since an accidental fire can start from it.
  • Space heaters and generators are great to have but be sure to keep flammable objects away of at least three feet of space between the heater.
  • Check to make sure the carbon monoxide alarm is working properly.
  • Have a radio handy so you are alerted with the latest updates on the storm.
  • Locate the nearest shelter or evacuation center in case it is necessary or even a family or friend's house if available.

Never underestimate what winter can do and always over prepare than under prepare.


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