How Protected Are Your Prized Possessions - The Case for a Personal Articles Floater

Posted by Gaiyan Wu on Feb 18, 2016 11:30:00 AM

engagement_ring.jpgWe all have personal items that mean a lot to us and we want to ensure they are protected. But how protected are these items?  Having homeowners insurance may not cover the full loss of some of your most valuable possessions should you have a claim. Most homeowners insurance policies have a coverage limit for items like fine jewelry, art and antiques, and computers.  If your diamond ring or camera equipment were lost, stolen or destroyed would you have enough coverage to replace them? 

A personal articles floater can help protect the value of costly possessions above and beyond the coverage your homeowners insurance delivers.  It also typically provides coverage on an all risk basis except for specially excluded losses such as wear and tear or loss caused by insects or vermin.. So if you lose your diamond earrings while on vacation or drop your expensive camera you have coverage with a personal articles floater.

Some of the items that are covered are:

  • Jewelry, engagement rings
  • Cameras
  • Computers
  • Fine Art
  • Antiques
  • Musical Instruments
  • Golf Equipment

These are just the few of the many things that are covered.

Prevent the risk of losing a valuable item and not having coverage for it. A quick inventory of your belongings may show that you have more valuable items than you realize.   Check with your insurance agent to see what the limits of your homeowners policy are and consider adding a personal articles floater.

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