Posted by Deb May on Aug 13, 2018 12:28:33 PM

MA REAL ID So, your MA driver’s license is due to renew next month and you’ve been hearing about big changes.   What do you really need to do before you get in line at the RMV?

First you need to determine if you need a REAL ID.  As long as you have a valid passport you DO NOT need a REAL ID.  But you may decide that you want one anyway for the peace of mind of always having it with you. 

What is a REAL ID?  It's an ID card or driver's license that meets Federal identification standards.  After October 1, 2020, a REAL ID or passport is required to enter federal buildings or fly within the United States. 

If you decide to apply for a REAL ID, you will need to bring at least 3 original, non-laminated documents from the following list to the registry.  All documents must be originals.  If your name has changed and does not match your Lawful Presence documents, you must provide a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court document.

Proof of lawful presence and proof of date of birth (any 1 document)  

    • For US Citizens – either a valid, unexpired US passport or a US Birth Certificate

    • For permanent residents – a valid permanent resident card (green card)

    • For non-US Citizens – valid, verifiable immigration documents and proof that they can legally stay in the US for at least 12 months

Proof of social security number - document must display full 9-digit SSN (any 1 document)

    • SSN card (not laminated)

    • W-2 form

    • SSA-1099 form

    • Non-SSA-1099 form

    • Pay stub with applicant’s full name and SSN on it.

Proof of Massachusetts residency (any 2 for REAL ID - only 1 for standard ID)

    • Current MA license, ID card or learner’s permit

    • RMV-issued correspondence dated within 60 days

    • Federal/state/municipal/city/town/county agency-issued documents such as

      • First class mail dated within 60 days

      • Current firearms card

      • Property or excise tax for current year

    • A bill (utility, credit card, medical or cell phone) dated within 60 days

    • Financial documents

      • Bank statement with images of cancelled personal checks dated within 60 days

      • Current pension statement

      • Current SSA Statement

      • Pay stub dated within 60 days

    • School -issued documents (current transcript, tuition bill for current year)

    • Insurance-related documents (current year auto, renters or homeowners policy,

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