Why Umbrella Insurance is Important for Home and Auto owners

Posted by Gaiyan Wu on Jan 22, 2016 1:19:19 PM

Umbrella_insurance.jpgAll it takes is one accident and the damage is done. This accident can range from anything between someone slipping on black ice in front of your property because you didn't shovel your sidewalk well or even rear-ending someone's car. Having umbrella insurance is that extra safety protection you can count on and trust.

Umbrella insurance is an excess liability insurance over your homeowner's insurance and car insurance.   It can also go over boats and recreational vehicles.  This coverage can range from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000. Umbrella insurance is important to get because it is that extra protection you may need in the future for anything that happens in life. It's the extra coverage you will get when insurance policies have reached its limits. Umbrella insurance steps in and has you covered. Nowadays, any one can be sued whether it is a slip and fall infront of your property or a rear end damage to someone else's car. You could be held responsible and your insurance policy may not cover all those expenses.  The perk of having umbrella insurance is that it covers you beyond your home insurance and auto insurance. You are covered for personal injury as well. Applying is easy and afforable!  So start now and drive with a piece of mind on the road.

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