6 Safety Tips on how to Prevent a Roof Collapse in Worcester

Posted by Sam Pouliot on Feb 18, 2015 9:54:00 AM


It has been quite a winter for everyone in the Worcester area. Just so you have an idea, Worcester has seen THE MOST snow out of any city in the U.S. that is considered to be heavily populated. Just how much snow have we gotten? Well, the epic Blizzard of 2015 in late January poured a record 34.5 inches of snow on the city of Worcester. Since then, we have continued to accumulated snow, and our winter total to date is currently at 92.1 inches of snow.

Obviously we have had a rough couple of months here in the Worcester area. All this snow has made commuting much more difficult and has resulted in countless accidents. With all the time spent on making sure traveling conditions are safe and families are stocked up on supplies, many people are forgetting about one important safety tip; having a clear roof.


Here are some safety tips from MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency):

  •   If roof snow can be removed from the ground with the use of a snow rake (available at most hardware stores) then do so. - But use caution, as metal rakes conduct electricity if they come in contact with a power line.
  • Try to avoid working from ladders, as ladder rungs tend to ice up. Snow and ice collect on boot soles and metal ladders, making them dangerous.
  • Flat roofs can be shoveled clear, but only if it is determined that the roof is safe to stand upon. Exercise care when on the roof to avoid potentially dangerous falls.
  • Flat roof drainage systems should be kept clear to minimize the risk of excess roof ponding in the event of subsequent heavy rainfall or melting.
  • Be on the alert for large accumulating snow build-up or snowdrifts on your roofs.
  • All of the mentioned actions should only be performed by able-bodied adults, as the snow is heavy and roofs or other surfaces may be slippery. Protective headgear and eye protection is recommended.
Remember, the Worcester area has gotten a lot of snow in a short period of time, and any excess precipitation is being absorbed, which will only add weight to your roof. When dealing with the possibility of a roof collapse in Worcester, follow these safety tips to ensure your safety and any possible damages to your home. If you have any further questions about this topic (maybe whether or not you're prepared to file a home owners claim) then we encourage you to call us here at Mid-Sate Insurance so we can help anyway we can.

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