College Student Insurance; What you Need

Posted by Maelee on Aug 22, 2011 5:21:00 PM

With September just around the corner, many of our Mid-State customers have been asking what kind of insurance coverage they need for their college-bound sons and daughters. As an insurance advisor whose own daughter is preparing to begin her freshman year, I can speak to this issue from a personal, as well as a professional, perspective.  Maelee 

Because every situation is different, and because coverage varies from company to company, I invite you to talk with me or another of our advisors to craft a plan that meets your needs in several key areas:

Auto insurance: If your son or daughter will be attending school more than 100 miles away from home and not using the car during the school year, most companies will offer a discount. Many companies also offer discounts for good grades - and this applies to high school as well as college students.

If your student is taking a car to college, you'll want to let us know so we can inform your insurance company. As you might guess, this will probably result in an additional premium, especially for students living off campus.

Personal belongings: Today, most students head off to college with laptops, TVs, MP3 players, dorm refrigerators, microwaves, books, clothing, jewelry, and more. Make a list of all those items, then check with us to see how much is covered by your homeowners, condo or renters policy - and whether you might need an endorsement for some of the more expensive items.

Off campus housing: For students living in an off-campus apartment, it's important to realize that their landlord's policies do not cover their personal goods. Renters insurance will protect their personal property, and most policies will also shield them from liability if someone should get injured in their apartment.

Health insurance: Most students heading off to college will be covered by their parents' health plan. Many colleges automatically include coverage under the school-sponsored plan until you provide them with proof of coverage.

There are a couple of things that give me great satisfaction in working with parents on their college student insurance. One is the amount of money I'm often able to save them. And the other is the knowledge that we're sending these young people off to college with the protection they need.

So if you haven't yet gotten around to doing the big review, give us a call. We'll help you design one of those 'individualized solutions' that is our hallmark.


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