How can Brokers Help with Health Care? Mid-State has the Answers

Posted by Paul on Jul 11, 2011 7:40:00 AM

Lately I've found myself using the term 'maze' in talking about the complexities of the health care system. That got me thinking about what a cornfield maze looks like from a couple of perspectives. Viewed from an airplane, it can be a thing of beauty. But for people trying to navigate its twists and turns, it can be an exercise in frustration. Without a guide, they can spend countless hours trying to find their way through it.  PWP_Blog_photo 


This, I've come to think, is a pretty good description of the role of an insurance broker - a guide who not only sees the big picture, but is also prepared to lead clients through the thicket of options, laws and regulations that govern every aspect of health care.

And there's no sign that the health care situation will get simpler any time soon. In fact, with congressional committees squaring off about the provisions of the national health care reform signed into law in 2010, it's likely that things will get even more complex - especially here in Massachusetts where it will be layered on top of the state's 2007 reform legislation.

That's where we come in. At Mid-State Insurance, our licensed health insurance brokers serve as advisors and consultants to our business clients. We provide the objective information and guidance that enables companies to select the plan that offers the best and most affordable coverage for employees and their families. And we handle the enrollment process.

But we don't stop there. Clients have questions about several topics:

  1. HIPAA
  2. ERISA
  3. COBRA
  4. The Americans with Disabilities Act
  5. Or other laws, regulations, and issues 

Here at Mid-State we are there to provide answers. We also send out:

  • e-mail reminders of filing deadlines
  • compliance alerts
  • changes in laws and regulations
  • and other issues

Many small business clients who operate without a human resources function tell us how much they appreciate our day-to-day help with their health insurance needs, and human resources managers in larger firms tell us how much they value our role in clarifying complex laws and regulations.

At the end of the day, we gain enormous satisfaction from helping our business clients navigate the health care maze and achieve peace of mind for themselves and their people.

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